Concept Of Programming

Logic and writing instruction using computer language

What is Programming?

In our previous classes, you have learned about flowchart and logic. each task has a definite way of doing things. to perform any task, one needs to follow a step by step procedure. This step by step procedure is known as the logic for that task. When each of these steps represented with the help of flowchart symbols then it becomes a flowchart for that task. the flowchart becomes the pictorial representation of the flow of the task of logic.

When Each of these steps is written using any computer language, then it becomes a set of instructions or a program! So a program can be defined as a set of step by step instruction to do any task.

This list of instructions, written in a computer language is known as source code. as the computer can follow only the given instruction and work accordingly, it is very much necessary to have clarity i.e. all the instructions should be clear without any ambiguity. The right commands in the correct sequence are necessary to get the desired result. Almost all computer programming languages use English words, keywords known as commands. There are different programming languages available nowadays. The LOGO, QBasic languages that you learned In your previous classes are among the popular programming languages. Several other languages like C. C++, FORTRAN, JAVA, Python, etc. are available. Each of these languages has been developed for some specific purpose and has built-in features to help ‘ in programming. Even though each programming language is unique, some concepts are common to all languages. The source program needs a language translator which translates the instructions from computer language (i.e. human-readable form) to computer-readable data.