Python Tutorial
How To Comment On Python

Hello, Guy’s Welcome To The Second Tutorial Of Python. Today We Will Learn How To Comment On Python.

What Is Comment In Programming Language?

Before We Understand How To Comment In Python, We Understand What is Comment In Python Programming Language.

When You Write Something On Python Code Editor And You Won’t Your Existing Code Can not Be Effect We Use Comment. In Other Word When You Write Some Message On Your Python Code Editor You Want To Use Comment.

How To Comment Existing Data in Python

So First You Don’t Read How To Print Data In Python Then Click Here To Check It. Now How You Can Easily Convert Any Data Into A Comment Form.

Step – 1 If You Want To Comment On Any Data In Python.

Step – 2 Select The Data That You Want To Comment

Step – 3 Press Key [ CTRL + / ]  In Your Keyword.

Step – 4 Now Your Existing Content Are Converted Into Comment Form.

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