Python Tutorial
How To Print Data In Python

Hello, Guy’s Welcome To The First Tutorial Of Python. Today We Will Learn How To Print Data In Python.

How To Print Data In Python

So Guy’s I Assumed That You Have To Install Pycharm Community Editions On Your Computer. So Lets Start How You Can Print The Data Using Python.

Step – 1  First You Have To Write print

(Print Is a Pre-Defined Function. You Just Type Print on Your Pycharm Community Editions)

Step – 2 Then You Write ( ) On Your Editor.

Step – 3 Then You Use ” ” Double Quotes On Your Pycharm Editors.

Step – 4 Now Inside The Double Quotes ” ” You Can Write What You Want.


print(“Hello World”)

This is the Syntax Of How You Can Print Any Data Or String In Python.


Hello World

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