How To Work in Photoshop

Image editing software like Ph°t°5h°p allows to create images by blendin9 and merging different images, editing parts of the image. In the previous article, you have Iearned about the different components of the Photoshop interface. In this article, you will learn about editing images, applying special effects, etc.


Photoshop uses layers for working with images. Layers can be compared with thin transparent sheets. These layers allow you to work with an image at several levels. Each layer can be worked on individually as a unit without affecting the other layers. ‘

Working with Layers

Special effects, modifications can be applied to individual layers. The order of the layers can also be changed. One of the major advantages of using layers is the ability to create multiple versions of an image to try out different effects before selecting the final output. Layering also facilitates basic editing, cleaning spots, retouching, color correction and applying effect easily. Layers are the building blocks of any Photoshop design.

Layers Panel

Layers panel enables you to work with layers. You can organize and manage layers with the help of layer groups. You can arrange your layers logically, reduce clutter and nest groups within other groups. You can also use groups to apply attributes and masks to multiple layers Simultaneously.