How to working with HTML

Creating a Formatted Web Page

In the previous chapter you have learned the basics of webpage creation and how to create a simple web page. In this article, you will learn the ways to create a properly formatted‚ co\ourful and interesting web page.

Remember, any kind of formatting can be carried out only through the use of appropriate tags.

Page Formatting

A web page has two parts, head and body sections. While the head section holds the general information about the page, the main content is given within the body section. <Body> tag is used to define the body section. It is a container tag or element and uses a number of attributes to change the look of the page. Some of the often used attributes are:

Bgcolor: This attribute helps to specify the background colour of the page. value is given using hexacode (eg. white would be”#FFFFFF”) or colour names.

Example <body bgcolor=”yellow”> or <body bgcolor=”#FFFF00”>

Background: This attribute helps to set an image as a web page background. URL of the image had to be specified in case the image is not available in the current folder.

Example <body background=”happy . gif”>

Text: This attribute sets the colour of the general text according to the RGB values. Value iS given using Hexacode or colourname.