Python Tutorial
If Else Statement

Hello, Guy’s Today I Will Teach You What is a Conditional Statement In Python. Or In Other Word If Else Statement In Python.

What is If Else Statement?

If You Use Some Condition In Your Python Project Then You Must Have To Use If Else Statement In You Project.

For Example:-

If There is a Sentence Called If Raj Go To Market Else Raj Go To Collage. This Sentance Are Clearly Say That There Is A Condition That Raj Are Go To Market Or Raj Go To Collage.

So If You Use the Same Thing In Your Python Programming Language That is Know As IfElse Conditional Statement.



    Print Data


Any Data


if(x = 1):

print(“Raj Go To Market“)


print(“Raj Go To Collage“)

This Example As You See That If The Value Of X = 1 Then Raj Go To Market Are Printed Else Raj Go To Collage Are Printed.

Thanks For Reading This Article.