Internet in Today’s World

The Internet is the biggest example of wan, a place where all kinds of information are available. Here are some of its advantages.

Faster Communication

The Internet has made communication faster than ever before. It can happen in an instant. With the internet, communication can take place in the form of video calls, emails, etc. One can communicate instantly with another person located at the other end of the world.

Accessibility of information

The internet has become an ever-expanding source of knowledge. We can ace al types of information on it. For example, all types of news, articles, books, educational or health-related information, government laws, stocks and shares, Bank policies, etc. can be gathered from a single place.

Online Learning and Homeschooling

Home Schooling a be easily carried out with the help of the internet. Teachers upload their teaching videos which are accessed by students located across the world. Assessments are also done online. For online exams and also some off-line exams, marks are sent using the internet. For example, you can view your 10th class or 12th class marks on the internet. Using video lessons you can learn and acquire different skills.


These days, the internet has become the most popular form of entertainment. We can watch movies and videos, listen to songs, play games and even watch live shows on the Internet for free.

Social Networking

The Internet has also enabled social networking. Social networking is the sharing of information with people across the world. There are many social networking sites such as Facebook, where you can share your ideas and communicate with friends. Many professionals have their own social networking sites. For example, many doctors use social networking sites such as Sermo where they share medical news, conduct webinars, connect with other doctors, etc. Any job vacancy, emergency news, ideas, etc. can be shared and get passed on quickly to people all over the world.


The Internet has paved the way for much faster and easier transactions online. Business deals. such as financial transactions carried out through the Internet is called e-commerce. Online reservations, online ticket bookings for a movie, etc. can be done easily. Online shopping, which is a popular trend helps one to buy a wide variety of products such as food items, clothes, shoes, movie tickets, furniture, gifts, household items, etc. sitting from one’s home itself.

Cost Reduction

Internet reduces costs for business organizations in different ways. For example, transferring Files and sending messages to other people can be done instantly at extra cost all. The only costs for business organizations will be the setup and maintenance costs. Apart from these, access from anywhere has reduced the need tor emp\oyees t0 trave\ to different offices around the globe.

Environment Friendly

The Internet has enabled paperless business transactions. This leads to lesser usage of paper and paper currency.

Even in our country, we are progressing towards a less paper-based and more digital way of payments, etc.