Some More Type of Network

Campus Area Network(CAN) is a network that spans multiple LANs but is a smaller MAN, such as on a university or local business campus.

Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network of multiple smaller networks such as LANs or MANs. The distance covers ranges from multiple buildings to satellite links connecting offices in different countries. The Internet is the best example of WAN.

Global Area Networks (GAN is a network) at supports, mobile communication across a number of wi reless LANs and satellite coverage areas.

Type Based On Purpose

Storage Area Network (SAN) is a network where remote computer storage devices such as storage disks or tape libraries are connected to servers in such a way that they appear to be locally attached to the operating system. SAN is usually used in business networks.

Enterprise Private Network (EPN) is a computer network that connects the different offices such as production, offices, shops, etc. of buSiness companies in a secure way.

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a network that facilitates users to log into a network remotely and ‘ access its resources. For security, it encrypts the connection to prevent intruders. In organizations with a VPN, a user can access the internet in the office, file servers or email from anywhere. It Enables using all office resources from home. Thus ‘supports remote workers,especia||yinworkareas where privacy is very important. For example, it is Used in branch offices or by telecommuters.