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A Coaxial cable or coax is a cable, is used in the transmission of audio, video, and communications. Mainly coaxial cables are used as network and broadband cable. These cables have high bandwidths and greater transmission capacity.

There are two types of coax cables :

  1. Thicknet (10Base5)
  2. Thinnet (10Base2)

Both technologies use coax that consists of a solid copper core surrounded by an insulator.

10Base2 :

It is also known as cheaper net, thin Ethernet, thinnet and thin wire which is the variant of ethernet that used thin coaxial cable, terminated with BNC connector. Here 10Base2 means :

  • 10 Mbps speed
  • Baseband signals
  • 200 meters length (actual usage is 185 meters)

10Base5 :

It is also known as thick Ethernet or thicknet that was the first commercially available variant of Ethernet. Here 10Base5 means :

  • 10 Mbps speed
  • Baseband signals
  • 500 meters length

Coax cables are basically used for audio/video transmission and all the development of coax cable comes under Radio Government (RG) of the U.S military.