computers networks tutorials

A network is a connection of two or more devices through a common linking method. Networking devices play a very important role as they are used in establishing a network connection.

Types of Networking Devices:-

  1. NIC
  2. Repeater
  3. Hub
  4. Bridge
  5. Switch
  6. Router
  7. Modem
  8. Gateway
  9. Firewall

NIC (Network Interface Card) :

As the name itself suggests, it is used to provide an interface to connect with a network. There are two types of NICs available :

  1. Wired NIC
  2. Wireless NIC

Repeater :

It is a layer 1 device of OSI Model which is used to regenerate, boost or amplify the weak signals. There are two types of repeaters available :

  1. Wired Repeater
  2. Wireless Repeater

Hub :

It is a central networking device that is used to connect multiple LAN segments with each other. It is a layer 1 device, it performs broadcasting and comes with 2 to 24 ports. There are three types of hub available :

  1. Active Hub
  2. Passive Hub
  3. Hybrid Hub

Bridge :

It is a layer 2 device which is used to connect multiple LAN segments, it is a program based design, it comes with 2 to 4 ports and it performs broadcasting (It is now replaced by switch).

Switch :

It is the most common central networking device which is used to connect multiple LAN segments with each other, it comes with 4 to 48 ports and it performs unicasting. There are two types of switches available :

  1. Manageable Switch
  2. Non-manageable Switch

Router :

It is a layer 3 device that is used to communicate different-different LANs to each other, so we can say that it is a WAN device. It is also responsible to find the best way from source to destination.

Modem :

It is the combination of modulator and demodulator, it converts analog signals into digital signals and digital signals into analog signals. It includes :

  1. DCE (Data Communication Equipment)
  2. DTE (Data Terminal Equipment)

Gateway :

It basically refers to the entry and exit points on any LAN.

Firewall :

It is use to control the network traffic and to protect the network from unauthorized access. There are two types of firewall :

  1. Software/Application Firewall
  2. Hardware Firewall