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Variable In Python

Hello, Guy’s Welcome To The Another Python Article In This Article We Learn What is a Variable In Python.

What is Variable in Python?

If You Want To Initialised Any Data Like Numbers Or String Into Your Python Project. You Want To Use Python Variable In Your Given Project.

How To Initialised Data In Python

If You Want To Initialised Any Thing Into Your Python Project Just Type Any Mixture Of Alphabet + Numbers Into You Project and Assine Any Value And Into Into That Particular.

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For Example,

X = 121

Where X is a Variable And 121 Is A Value Of That Particular Variable.

Different Types Of Variable In Python

As I Tell You, You Want To Use The Mixture Of Alphabet + Numbers Into Your Variable.

For Example,

Example 1 =>  x124 = “Raj Chourasiya


Example 2  =>  v1234xyz = 121

Note:- You Alway Keep in Your Mind That When You Create Any Variable Your First Letter Is Always Be An Alphabet.

These Two examples As You Easily Create Any Variable Into Your Python Programming.