What Is Animation Software Flash

The animation is the concept of displaying a series of still images, rapidly creating an illusion of movement. In each of the consecutive images, the content varies slightly. When changed rapidly, our eyes cannot perceive the time gap between the change of each image and it seems as if one image flows or merges into another. This creates the illusion of the content or objects moving.

In our daily life, we come across so many advertisements, cartoons on TV, animated pictures, etc. on the Internet. These animated pictures, movies are created using various animation software. Some of the most popular animation software are Flash, Maya, etc. In this chapter, you are going to learn about the Flash animation software.

Macromedia Flash was originally created to create colorful animations for the web as well as to create animated gifs. There have been different versions over the years. In this chapter, we will discuss Flash 8.

Working Interface

Flash 8 has a very user-friendly interface. It has a working area where the developer can .draw the graphics using various tools from the Toots bar. It also features Panels using which the ‘behavior or properties can be changed.

File: It allows creating, opening and saving archives. It helps to import different types of archives like sounds, videos, images, and even Flash movies. It has an option for publication. Settings as well as printing pages.

Edit: It allows to Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. objects or as well images or frames.

View: Apart from typical zooms, it allows to move the frames and scenes and helps in drawing using grids.

Insert: It helps to insert objects into the movie, as well as new frames, layers, actions, scenes 5, etc.

Modify: Helps to modify the graphics, characteristics of the animation elements.

Text: Helps to perform text-based tasks.

Control: Has options to Play, Rewind, Test Movie. Window: It has options for distributing the windows, shortcuts to all the Panels.

Help: From here we can access all the help that Macromedia offers using tutorials, guided! lessons etc.