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Network Transmission media is the actual path over which an electrical signal goes as it moves to start with one part onto the next.

There are two types of transmission media used in networking:-

  1. Guided (Wired)
  2. Unguided (Wireless)

In this article, we will cover the guided part of the transmission media.

Guided transmission media refers to those that provide a conductor from one device to the other. It is defined as the physical medium through which the signals are transmitted. It is also known as Bounded media. A signal traveling by any of these means is directed and contained by the physical limits of the medium.

There are three types of guided transmission media:-

  1. Coaxial cables
  2. Twisted pair cables
  3. Fiber optic cables

Twisted pair and coaxial cable use metallic (copper) conductors that accept and carry electrical current signals. Fiber optic is a glass or plastic cable that accepts and transports signals in the form of light.